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The Art of Networking

Do you agree with the saying 'Your network is your net worth'?

Networking is one of the most important activities of entrepreneurship. It allows you to forge strategic ties and above all, to promote your company, products or services.

For some networking is second nature and for others it is a real source of anxiety.

So how can stand out at a networking event? By applying the following tips:

  • Prepare your pitch ... but not too much!

A pitch is a clear and concise statement that aims to explain your business, vision and mission. A good pitch lasts no more than 2 minutes and piques the interest of your audience.

To do this, adapt to your interlocutor: pay attention to their sector of activity, their occupation and bring out the points which, in your opinion, will speak more to them.

By focusing on the key points of your pitch rather than learning it robotically, you will be able to express yourself fluently and thus have a more organic conversation with other participants.

  • Follow your instinct

We are often led to believe that the key to success lays in sharing your pitch with as many people as possible . But is quantity better than quality?

It makes mathematical sense to think that the more you share your pitch, the more people will know of your business. However, any contact must be a quality one. When you get a feeling of unease, trust your intuition and don't waste your time.

A 10-minute quality exchange is always better than 4 forced exchanges that will not bear fruit.

  • Actively listen and ask questions

Keep in mind the human and pleasant aspect of things as much as possible. See these events as light and pleasant opportunities to meet individuals who could certainly advance your business, but above all people with whom you can forge long-lasting bonds.

Allow yourself to digress by asking for more details, even if the topic is not directly related to your business because, after all, there is always a human being behind the business.

  • Diversify events

Naturally, there is invaluable benefit in participating in events bringing together professionals from your line of business. But over time it can get repetitive and tedious.

Increase your chances of meeting remarkable people by daring to diversify. Join events centered on different themes and organized by different groups (therefore different missions).

Take advantage of the many virtual events during which you will have the chance to meet entrepreneurs from all over the world. You never know, you may soon want to expand your presence internationally!

  • Network outside of networking events

Don't wait to attend a conference to network.

Use social media, take advantage of coffee breaks or social events to promote your business.

If you feel an opportunity presents itself and the context allows it, why not take advantage of it?

I'll finish by saying: have fun. Nothing is more obvious than a person whose only goal is to "sell their business". Don't feel like you have to participate in 10 events per month. Choose only from those that speak to you the most.

Once again, quality must take precedence over quantity!

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