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Communication Outside of a Business

Communication is often said to be the key to success.

Indeed, it is at the forefront of the majority of business relationships in many sectors, including arts and sports.

As the communication specialist does for a company, different professionals act behind the scenes to orchestrate the coherence of the message to be conveyed.

  • Communication in sports

As we already know, in a team sport, the role of the coach is to select, train and guide the members of their team. He or she also has the important mission of developing a strategy and sharing it.

The success of executing this strategy relies heavily on the coach's ability to communicate their idea effectively so that the players buy into it and put it into practice. Each team has its star, but in order for it to shine, a coach must be able to value each of their team members of and demonstrate their involvement in its overall success.

Training and coaching sessions prepare players to stay focused during games by ignoring any distractions such as opponents or the public.

For those who know a lot about sports or who have decided to take training in sports communication, there are interesting roles such as Community manager, Sports journalist or Press officer.

  • Communication in cinema

The purpose of cinema is to arouse feelings. Thus, all actors or actresses has recourse to an actor or theater coach whose mandate is to guide and supervise. The coach studies their student's acting and shares notes in order to perfect their performance.

There is a panoply of roles that are related to communication in the arts, including that of the screenwriter. Obviously the screenwriter writes the script and the dialogues, but he or she also participates in the choice of the transitions from one scene to another and thus to the cohesion of the story.

In addition, he or she will work closely with the artistic director to create a visual in accordance with the script.

  • Communication in music

The use of words is undeniably the simplest and most widespread form of communication. By combining a melody and intonations, singers, musicians and artists succeed in bringing strong feelings to those who listen to their songs.

The composition of an album requires months of work, and among the great debates we find those of the choice of the songs to keep, their order as well as the singles to release, because all these points tells a story, a message that the artist wants to share with his audience.

Finally, the design of music videos and shows remains very strategic. This is why roles such as choreographer and artistic director are closely linked to the communication strategy. They create the desired atmosphere that will complete the message.

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