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New Year's Resolutions

Since the dawn of time, at the approach of a New Year, we hasten to make new resolutions which are too often forgotten by Valentine's Day. "This time is the right one!" Oh how many times have we repeated this sentence only to be quickly challenged by the lack of time, the fear of failure or simply our daily activities. 2020 was... what it was! I will not presume to be know how your year went because the truth is that our journeys, our stories, are singular. We can all however agree on one fact: 2020 gave a real meaning to the expression "expect the unexpected". Not making new years resolutions does not mean that you will not accomplish great things in the upcoming 12 months and many people chose not to. If, however you have decided to take on new resolutions in 2021, stack all the odds in your favor by following these 3 tips 1- Plan, plan, plan! We will never repeat it enough: planning is essential to your success. While you do not have to come up with a meticulous plan, you should, at the very least, outline your project's major milestones. This will allow you to establish a clear scope, realistic deadlines and the potential need to reach out to a third party. Furthermore, you will be able to assess your progressions. Be proud of every achievement, big or small!

2- Expect the unexpected It is important to look into the factors that could slow down or derail your plans. Often times these unforeseen events are not easy to define and might be beyond your control. In these cases, be sure to carefully study these events in order to arrive to and effective and appropriate decision for each situation. Don't hesitate to revisit your project, or even redefine it. Bonus points if you incorporate these unexpected events into your planning!

3- Be kind to yourself Few projects will succeed without bumps along the road. You may doubt your skills or the relevance of the project and sometimes you will have to make difficult decisions. Don't let this get you down! Remember that even the greatest projects have been reviewed more than once or rejected by several people.

Do not hesitate to consult resourceful people or specialized firms and to expand your research in order to help you in the steps to follow before considering terminating the project.

In the hope that you find these tips helpful, I wish you a happy and healthy new year and success in everything you undertake!

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