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Is your business scalable?

A scalable business is one that is prepared and well equipped to meet the growing demand for its products or services without compromising quality, efficiency or its structure.

All of your communications contribute - favorably or not - to the evolving quality of your business.

  • Consistency between your company's reputation and culture

Your reputation is the perception that different audiences have of your business. It is mistakenly believed that reputation is limited to the messages conveyed by public relations and marketing, but it is also the direct result of the company culture that your employees share.

If you promote a message externally that differs significantly from the message conveyed internally, you will not be able to respond effectively to growing demand.

In fact, this could alter your company growth.

  • Clear objectives

Always follow the SMART principle (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Time-bound) when establishing your goals.

Be clear in explaining your employees' mandates.

Growth implies change and change implies adaptation. Your employees need to be briefed quickly and efficiently in order to adapt to changes.

  • Listening to stakeholders

Consider frequently or occasionally surveying your stakeholders (employees, clients, board members, etc.) in order to identify needs, or perhaps to anticipate them.

Overworked employees is synonymous with a failure in your personnel management. At the same time, perpetual delivery delays or failure to meet deadlines will lead to losses that could have been avoided.

You can collect data formally or informally, the key is to analyze it and react strategically and accordingly.

Any entrepreneur or business leader aspires to a high demand, because it is synonymous with increased income. Be proactive and prepare by drawing up a complete business plan so as not to generate harmful and sometimes irreparable effects.

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