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3 Ways to Flex your Creativity Muscle

We operate in a world where innovation and creativity are what set us apart. Keeping up with trends is not only smart, it is imperative, no matter our line of business. Consumers are on the lookout for the latest gadgets and the most raved about ingredients; employees wish to work for outstanding companies and, finally, stakeholders continuously want improvement and higher returns on investment.

Unfortunately, we are not always inspired (or motivated) to come up with the next best skincare product, virtual happy hour or marketing campaign.

Luckily there are many activities we can do to get our creativity juices flowing and they are all 100% free and fun.

  • Listen to different types of music

Put your favorite playlist aside and give yourself 1 hour to discover different music genres or eras you never or rarely listen to.

Listening to new sounds prompts your body and mind to be extra attentive to the melody, words and emotions conveyed.

You might even discover new phrases and and a favorite new artist!

  • Spend time with children

Parents, aunties and uncles witness first hand the beautiful creative minds of kids. Unfortunately, we do not always take the time to really focus on their story telling or make-believe games (guilty!). Spending some time with kids will let your creativity flourish and help you connect with what was hopefully a simpler time in your life. Clear your thoughts, have a laugh and learn a thing or two through children's innocence and love for discovery .

  • Become Chef (for one meal)

Open your refrigerator and pantry and, using only what you have at home, try to create a meal from scratch. No cheating... well you could maybe get a little inspiration from the internet! You an be as creative as you want and the bonus is that, in the end, you get to enjoy the fruit of your labor! ( see what I did there?) The goal is to get you to "work with what you've got", and be inspired by a different creative process.

As you've noticed, none of these activities are work-related. In fact, they purposely remove you from a business context in order to clear your mind and come back stronger.

Which one are will you be trying out first?

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