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Put An End To Impostor Syndrome

People with impostor syndrome doubt their skills to the point of attributing all success or achievement to external factors such as chance or circumstances.

This phenomenon leads us to constantly question our merit and, in many cases, it puts a stop to our personal and professional ambitions.

Studies indicate that 70% of professionals will be confronted with this phenomenon at least once in their careers. In addition, these studies have shown that women are more affected by impostor syndrome than men.

As is the case with any psychological mechanism, it is okay to feel helpless. Fortunately, there are different ways to deal with this feeling.

I personally use the following 3 tips.

  • Acknowledge your skills

When you feel that your negative thoughts are invading you, review every single action taken that led to your success. Use first-person phrases such as "I met my deadlines" or "I took the initiative to consult a resource with more knowledge in a given area".

By doing this, you can easily quantify and qualify your efforts.

  • Welcome the nudges

We all benefit at one time or another from "luck".

Whether it comes from heaven, chance or an acquaintance, remember that help does not invalidate your skills or your merit.

  • Prioritize physical activity

You don't need to run a marathon if you don't want to. Simply engaging in regular refocusing activities such as yoga or meditation is enough.

These activities have been scientifically proven to help build self-confidence and reduce negative thinking.

It's important to note that the cause of impostor syndrome varies from person to person: it can be the result of a particularly disturbing event, disorders such as anxiety, your personality and even your employer's corporate culture.

Further looking into what is behind this mechanism could go a long way in helping you overcome it.

What about you, do you suffer from impostor syndrome? How do you tackle it?

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